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Here’s how to immigrate to Canada if you don’t have a university degree

When people dream of starting a new life in Canada, they often want it to be in Vancouver, Toronto or Ottawa.

When people dream of starting a new life in Canada, they often want it to be in Vancouver, Toronto or Ottawa. These are the cities they hear about the most and they might not be aware of the opportunities that await in other cities or provinces.

If they are young professionals with a bachelor’s or master’s degree they have a better chance of immediately attaining that goal. If they don’t, Canada is opening its doors to people who are willing to consider other options.

For those who have only a high school diploma, the best path to citizenship is by going to where the jobs are, says Rachel Gary, COO of Canada Direct. “Be flexible about where you’re willing to move to,” she advises.

Manitoba has the most lenient eligibility requirements because it needs people the most, she says. It’s also the only province that does not require applicants to pass an English language test. Saskatchewan is also making it easier for people to immigrate there.

People might think it’s too cold in these prairie provinces, or prefer more urban environments. Gary suggests that they start in Manitoba or Saskatchewan and, once they earn enough points to get resident status, apply for jobs in other provinces.

“We can submit their application to move to Vancouver right from the start but I can almost guarantee they won’t be in the pool,” she says. “We always tell them the truth because immigrating to Canada is not a cheap process. We don’t want to submit people’s applications and not get them here. If they only have a high school diploma and want this opportunity to come to Canada, they have to go to Manitoba.”

The same principle applies to the type of work people are willing to do. If they agree to work in the fields with the most demand, they can get their start in Canada and earn the points that lead to residency either on their job or by going to school.

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