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Create an eco-friendly home

The average Canadian family washes eight loads of laundry per week.

The average Canadian family washes eight loads of laundry per week. With the growing number of natural and chemical-free products on the market, why not live in an eco-friendly way?

There is widespread benefit to using natural products in your home and personal care. “By introducing more green products into our daily lifestyles, we can take responsibility for our environment by purchasing products that are safe, create less waste, and reduce energy and water consumption,” says Shaarah, manager of the health and beauty department at Famous Foods.

There are extensive studies about the effects of exposure to harmful chemicals, and with the increased exposure to chemicals and toxins in our daily lives, there is also an increased risk of health concerns. When eco-friendly products are as effective as those containing chemicals, and bear no health risks, sustain local economies, and are purchasable at a similar price point, why pollute your home and body with anything else?

A natural grocer, like Famous Foods, carries a variety of home and beauty products. Most household items can be made in an eco-friendly way. For instance, paper towels and aluminium foil can be made from recycled materials. Sandwich bags, leaf & yard bags, laundry detergent, and dish soap are made biodegradable. Famous Foods sells household cleaning supplies and body care products that are free from harmful chemicals, dyes, and synthetic materials. Many of these products are also biodegradable and cruelty-free.

“Our customers are happy to see eco-friendly, recycled, and biodegradable products on our shelves,” says Shaarah. “They can introduce these products easily into their daily routines.”

For more information on how to make your home more ‘green’, find Famous Foods online and on Facebook.