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Devy Dyson to represent Phoenix Gymnastics at the World Championships

Coached by Sasha Pozdniakov , twenty-three year old Devy Dyson is all set to compete in his second World Championships on October 2 nd to 8 th in Montreal.

Coached by Sasha Pozdniakov, twenty-three year old Devy Dyson is all set to compete in his second World Championships on October 2nd to 8th in Montreal.

"Devy is representing New Zealand on four events at the championships," says Kyna Fletcher, Chief Technical Officer at Vancouver Phoenix Gymnastics. "He has also represented B.C. at the provincial championships on a number of occasions and has participated at the national level."

Devy's gymnastic journey started around eight years of age, although he joined Phoenix as a senior athlete from another club.

"Typically, we see boys develop as athletes around six or seven years old," Sasha explains, "and they train to compete at seven or eight and then we ascertain whether they have what it takes to undertake a high performance or provincial stream program."

Phoenix Gymnastics has been around for more than 40 years and offers a strong and thriving men's and women’s competitive program.

"When parents are thinking sports for their boys, they tend to think of soccer and hockey," Kyna says. "They forget that gymnastics can be done competitively, and it can be used to build the body and mind for other sports."

Sasha agrees, noting that boys can learn amazing life skills in gymnastics.

"Gymnastics helps young boys develop into fine young men," he says. "It teaches determination that will help boys deal with the ups and downs in life. They learn how to control their emotions and learn self-discipline. And physically, the sport makes their bodies strong and flexible."

Sasha's philosophy is to put attitude before results.

"Attitude is everything, both in sports and in life," he says. "We teach boys how to become independent. By age 17 or 18, they can take care of their mind and their money."

For more information on Vancouver Phoenix Gymnastics and their competitive programs, call 604-737-7693, check the website, or email The Millennium Sports Facility is at 45888 Clancy Loranger Way. Phoenix Gymnastics can also be found on Instagram, Facebookand Twitter.