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Finding that perfect railing for your new home

One of the first things a guest to your home is likely to notice is the railing around the deck or garden.
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One of the first things a guest to your home is likely to notice is the railing around the deck or garden. Recalling the old adage about first impressions, it’s important then that this railing adds to rather than detracts from the beauty of your new home.

“There are a number of materials and designs that can be chosen for railings,” says Ali Mozzafari, part of the family-owned business, Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd., “but a custom-made iron railing can add a uniqueness and practicality to any deck.”

Iron Age Manufacturing is a local company that designs, fabricates, and installs hand-forged iron railings, either in the home or the garden.

But how do you create that perfect design for your new home’s railing? Where do you start?

“The first step,” says Ali, “is to do some research by keeping an eye open for attractive designs that you like and which would be a beautiful and functional addition to your new home. These designs could come from magazines, a railing you see that has a pattern you like, or from your own imagination.”

With your ideas in mind, the next step is to contact the designers at Iron Age Manufacturing, who will use computer aided software (CAD) to create a pattern from a photo or your sketch.

But what if you’re not sure of what would look good in your setting?

“We encourage people to contact us,” Ali says. “We will come to your house, look around the area where you want the railing, and we can come up with some ideas for a structure that is both beautiful and unique to your home.”

Once the design has been settled, Iron Age Manufacturing will provide clients with an estimate of the cost and time involved. The iron railings are custom-made, not prefabricated.

“We hand forge the iron,” explains Ali, “forming the design by heating and hammering. We have employees who have been with us since the beginning of the company and they are experts at welding, forming, and forging.”

After fabrication, the finishers take over.

“The beauty of Iron Age,” says Ali, “is that we can take care of everything from design, to fabrication, polishing, painting, and finally, installation. This means that we have control of every step. We can save time and we can save the client money.”

For more information on Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd. and their custom-made railings, call 604.876.0914, visit the website, email, or visit the shop at 2755 Boundary Road, Vancouver. Iron Age Manufacturing can also be found on Facebook.