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Here’s why you deserve the hearing aid that’s designed just for you

You’ve listened to your inner voice telling you that you’re missing out on life because you can’t hear well.

You’ve listened to your inner voice telling you that you’re missing out on life because you can’t hear well.

Too many missed social opportunities.

Too many missed conversations.

It’s time to get your hearing tested. You want to fully embrace what these next years of life have to offer, not hide from them.

Now you need to decide where to do the test. You could go to Walmart or Costco, which offer over-the-counter hearing aids that cost a little less.

But do you want an over-the-counter hearing experience afterwards? Would you want an over-the-counter approach to any other important health concern?

“This is not supposed to be a quick fix; it’s a long-lasting solution to put your life back on track,” says Raphael Tayou of HearingLife Canada. “You should never compromise on your health.”

When you make a free appointment to get your hearing tested with one of HearingLife’s fully trained audiologists, this is what you can expect:

• A 20-minute discussion about your hearing concerns, medical history and lifestyle factors

• A physical ear exam to help the audiologist understand if there are any medical reasons for your hearing loss

• A comprehensive hearing exam, including tone, speech and word recognition tests to provide a thorough understanding of the condition of your hearing

• Same-day results and a counselling session on what to do next

If the need for a hearing aid is detected, the audiologist will then walk you through the various options that are available for your specific type of hearing loss. It won’t be a one-hearing-aid-suits-all option. It will be a hearing aid that’s tailored exactly to your needs and preferences. You’ll be amazed at how advanced the new hearing aid technology is, it can help you make hands-free calls from your smartphone, stream audio from your phone, stereo, TV, or other Bluetooth® enabled devices. And unlike your parents’ hearing aids, the modern iterations are incredibly discrete and sleek (unless you want to bling them up, of course.)

Afterwards, the audiologist will be there for you if you have any follow-up questions or adjustments.

“You need the right experts to give you the right treatment and after-care you deserve,” Tayou says. “We pride ourselves in being able to accompany you on your journey to better hearing. We want you to feel cared for and that you know we’re going to work towards making your life better.”

Are you ready to embrace life fully? Take a free hearing test from the comfort of your home.
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