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OAC Kids' Day Camp: Summer fun starts here

It's that time of year again—school summer holidays are in full swing.

It's that time of year again—school summer holidays are in full swing.

Perhaps you're a working parent looking for an affordable, safe and fun place to take care of your six to twelve year-old, or maybe you and your children are together all summer and just need a short break from each other.

The OAC Kids' Day Camp might just be the day camp you've been looking for.

"We discovered that affordable daycare is a community need in Vancouver, and that's what prompted us to start a summer day camp," explains Ashia Lennon, the assistant director of the OAC Kids' Day Camp. "We're excited about the program, which features science learning, playing sports, and doing amazing crafts."

Each week of the camp has its own schedule and own set of objectives. For example, the first week features the Science Lab, where the kids will spend most of the day at Science World in Vancouver.

"They get to ask questions like, 'where does rain come from' or 'what makes a cloud,'" says Ashia. "It's all about developing curiosity."

Week 2 highlights sports such as soccer and basketball. There will be activities at a nearby park and a trip to the Richmond Oval. Teamwork and inclusiveness will be the focus.

"In week 3 we do creative arts," Ashia notes. "We have people on staff who do creative arts for a living. For example, one staff member has her own store on Etsy and sells cards that she's made for special occasions. We'll also visit an art studio downtown and learn photography. The kids will make a little movie that parents can watch. It's all about having fun and learning new skills."

And it’s not only the kids who benefit from all the camp has to offer.

"We're targeting parents who work or who don't get to spend summers doing fun things with their kids. They want their kids to have the same type of summers they had growing up and they want their kids in a safe environment while having the opportunity to do fun things."

Registration can be done online and Ashia says there is very little preparation for the day camp for parents.

"We do ask that they pack a hearty lunch and two snacks – particularly for the sports week, where they'll be physically active. A refillable water bottle is a must and, as we're in Vancouver, a rain jacket would be good!"

The day camp was initiated by a pastor at the Oakridge Adventist Church(OAC) with the aim of providing affordable daycare for Vancouver parents.

"We've room for 24 children," Ashia says, "and the cost is just $120 per week."

For more information on OAC Kids' Camp or to register, visit the website, call 604.266.6727, or send them an email.