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Should you consider Eaton Arrowsmith School for your child?

Eaton Arrowsmith School (EA) has helped students with learning disabilities in Vancouver, White Rock and Redmond, Washington for more than 12 years.

Eaton Arrowsmith School (EA) has helped students with learning disabilities in Vancouver, White Rock and Redmond, Washington for more than 12 years.

EA uses the Arrowsmith Program, a method developed by Canadian educator and author, Barbara Arrowsmith-Young. It’s based on the principle of neuroplasticity, or the premise that the brain can be strengthened through targeted intervention.

The school was founded by Howard Eaton and offers full-time and part-time individualized programs for children and teens in Kindergarten to grade 12.

"Parents considering EA are searching for a program that will address their child’s specific learning challenges and underlying neurological weaknesses,” Eaton says. “Families often come to us after trying several other methods without getting the results they hoped for.”

At EA, students take math and English, but spend the rest of their days focusing on cognitive exercises. Taking a child out of regular school and away from friends is a big concern for many parents.

Jill, a parent of two boys who benefited from the EA experience, offers the following advice for parents considering the school and Arrowsmith Program:

"Don't wait. Parents feel trepidation and anxiety about a school like EA and taking their kids out of the regular school system. They want to wait and hope things will get better. But learning difficulties don't just go away."

Eaton agrees. He believes it’s never too early for a child to start strengthening his or her brain.

"As an educator, I'm a believer that early intervention is better,” he says. “Otherwise, kids experience too many emotional scars from years of struggling and receiving negative feedback. The best option is to identify neurological difficulties as young as possible to allow children time to strengthen those areas before they get older and school becomes more challenging."

Learning disabilities can take a heavy emotional toll on entire families. Jill and her husband watched their sons struggle in school and it was painful.

"Before EA, everyone was unhappy,” Jill says. “As parents, we felt a lot of pressure to do something. After enrolling the boys at EA, we felt like we were taking action and had a plan. The staff at EA understand. They get the struggles associated with a child with a learning difficulty. We experienced a very loving and caring parent/teacher community.”

A study conducted by the Toronto Catholic District School Board found that when students in the Arrowsmith Program transition back to regular school, the majority of them no longer require learning assistance or resource room support.

For more information about Eaton Arrowsmith School or the Arrowsmith Program, call 604.538.1710, email, visit the website at, or take an interactive tour of one of our schools. Eaton Arrowsmith can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.