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Hot deal alert: You can fly from Los Angeles to Vancouver for only $66 incl. tax

Visit the "City of Angels" for less.
Fly from YVR to LAX on the cheap with Flair Airlines in 2023. It is ideal for people who fly into San Diego or San Francisco and then from Los Angeles.

Vancouverites looking to shave some cash off already cheap tickets visiting Los Angeles can use an easy hack. 

Flair Airlines sells some of, if not the lowest prices, on flights between Vancouver International Airport (YVR) and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Return trips between Los Angeles and Vancouver start for as little as $178 including all taxes and fees with direct flights. However, other dates cost more depending on availability.

While it is advised to book overseas flights several months to a couple of months in advance, tickets to LAX drop down with Flair about a week prior to departure in February. The return trips in other months start over $200 and go up from there.

But if you book your tickets separately, you'll actually save some money on the cost of your ticket. 

If you have time, it is always worthwhile to check if booking your tickets separately will save you money. You can also check the cost of airports nearby for cheaper prices. 

For example, a flight from LAX to YVR on Wednesday, Feb. 8 only costs US$49.45, which converts to C$65.77. This option is also ideal for people who fly into another airport, such as San Diego or San Francisco, and then fly up from Los Angeles. If you try to book them together on the same ticket, they may end up costing more. 

Photo via Flair Airlines

Flights down from YVR to LAX also vary in price but start for as little as $98.99. 

Photo via Flair Airlines

You must pay an extra fee for bags with Flair Airlines. You can take a personal item but anything else will cost you, including a piece of carry-on luggage.

You may also want to consider that numerous people have had flights cancelled by the low-cost carrier. While last-minute flight cancellations have improved, this is still a risk. 

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