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How to fly to Kelowna from Vancouver for less than a tank of gas

And it will save you time, too.
Metro Vancouver gas prices broke records over spring 2022. Here's how Flair Airlines or Air North tickets cost less than a tank of gas on some routes.

Are you hoping to save money on summer travel this year?

Historically, locals looking to save money on travel opted for road trips instead of expensive airplane tickets. But as gas prices continue to soar around the world, driving to a destination may not offer much of a bargain. 

In 2022, Canadian carriers compete on the country's most popular routes, driving the cost of travel down for consumers.  As a result, it's not uncommon to see one-way fares under $50 CAD on shorter routes and a few across Canada for under $100

Travellers hoping to fill up their tanks for a summer getaway, on the other hand, are unlikely to find bargains. Metro Vancouver gas prices broke records multiple times over the spring, with petroleum analysts calling for the most expensive Canada Day long weekend for local drivers. 

And if you're hoping to travel to the Okanagan over the summer, you might be surprised at how little it costs to fly there. Not only is a flight to Kelowna under an hour, but a couple of airlines offer one-way airfare for under $50 bucks — less than the cost of a tank of gas in the current market.  

Flair Airlines offers several direct flights to Kelowna from Vancouver for $39 CAD including all taxes and fees.

Keep in mind, however, that you must pay extra for bags. You can take a personal item but any extra baggage will cost you. 

Photo via Flair Airlines

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Folks who prefer to fly with another carrier can still find low-cost deals that won't break the bank.

Air North, "Yukon's Airline," offers a direct flight on the same day for $57.88 CAD including all taxes and fees. 

Photo via Air North

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