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Ryan Reynolds helps raise $300K for SickKids with 'ugly' Christmas sweater

The fundraiser entitled "Help Ryan Help Sick Kids" was open until midnight on Christmas Eve.
Photo: Ryan Reynolds / Twitter

Beloved Vancouver actor Ryan Reynolds has helped raise $300,000 for sick kids over the holidays by rocking his famous 'ugly' Christmas sweater. 

The Deadpool star shared a video on social media on Dec. 20, stating that he would match donations up to an amount of $100,000 through the SickKids foundation. 

The fundraiser entitled "Help Ryan Help Sick Kids" was open until midnight on Christmas Eve, with the SickKids Foundation asking the public to, "Join our fight against the greatest challenges in child health."

The video begins with a cartoon of a woman hanging the famous green and red sweater with its giant gold bow in a storefront window. The sweater is called a "fun holiday sweater," but passersby continue to give it the thumbs-down and giggle at it. Naturally, this hurts the sweater's feelings, and the anthropomorphic bow's eyes drop down in defeat. After a while the sweater is put out of view, but someone walks in with a specific request for a 'fun' holiday sweater and the depressed garment is saved from a life on the shelf. 

Later on, Reynolds appears in the video donning the garish garb with pride, and he's even seen snuggling up to it by the fire. The video notes that, "Every holiday story deserves a magical ending," and shows the sweater making its rounds to children's hospitals.

Hugh Jackman is also featured in the video wearing the sweater and grinning from ear to ear.

Reynolds first tweet of the new year offers a congratulations to the foundation as well as everyone who donated. He captions, "What a way to begin 2020" and calls the sweater a "Superhero Sweater."

Vancouver Is Awesome's Editor-in-Chief Bob Kronbauer recently offered nine reasons why the beguiling Reynolds is the King of Christmas - and that was before he did this! Read his piece here


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