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Step inside Vancouver's women's empowerment boutique (VIDEO)

Spirit-based guidance with marketplace flair.

A Vancouver clothing and accessory store is taking a holistic approach to retail.

Kitsilano's White Rabbits Boutique opened a year ago as a haven for local artists and artisans who were losing business because of the pandemic.

The boutique sells a variety of local and imported handmade items, including clothing, jewellery, greeting cards, gifts, and bath products. Local products sold by the store include Beth and Olivia, West Coast Shampoo Bars, and Alice + Sage.

Some of the retailer's goods also help support local and international women's charities.

"We managed to collect friends who had friends of friends, and we made this collective of women, mostly, who were left out of any government subsidies, to promote their products. We grew from there, from just having one rack of clothing," says owner Francesca Dappen.

Her business's building is situated on W. 4th Ave. near Alma and well-known in the area. Dappen's father, Frank, ran the neighbourhood's popular Modern Done Upholstery for over 60 years. She took over the space when he passed away in 2016. Modern Done's sign still adorns the storefront.

After some recent renovations, White Rabbits started workshops for meditation, healing drum circles, and tea ceremonies.

Dappen describes her unique business collective as a new-age women's drop-in retail centre for therapeutic guidance.

"We feel this is a bit of a safe haven for people to come, not necessarily to have to buy, but just to come and enjoy the space, the environment, what we have to offer, one way or the other," she adds.