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Watch: Vancouver candle company champions female-owned small businesses

Meet Sean Blishen, founder of Kilig Candle Co. and a passionate entrepreneur and supporter of female-owned small businesses.

Sean Blishen founded Vancouver-based Kilig Candle Co. in 2020, stemming from her "passion for sustainable self-care products."

The scents and candle names are inspired by Blishen's Filipino heritage and Canadian West Coast upbringing.

For example, the word "kilig" is a word in Tagalog that expresses the inexplicable joy of love and "the butterflies in your stomach". 

Blishen has hosted "Girl Gang Pop Up" events "to support local female-owned businesses and show our community what we have to offer." She hopes to continue to showcase products at events "made for women, inspired by women, supporting women." 

For every candle purchased, Kilig Candle Co. donates one meal to an impoverished child in the Philippines through its partnership with Canadian non-profit Adhika.

You can follow Kilig Candle Co. on Instagram or visit their website for more information.