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Here is how Super Typhoon Bolaven could impact Metro Vancouver weather

Things are about to get wetter.
The Metro Vancouver weather forecast may see some impacts from Super Typhoon Bolaven.

Will an awe-inspiring tropical cyclone that has formed over the Pacific Ocean hit the B.C. coast? 

For the most part, Super Typhoon Bolaven, considered the second-strongest storm of the year, will not have an immediate impact on Metro Vancouver weather. As Environment Canada meteorologist Yimei Yi pointed out, the storm system will weaken significantly by the time it makes its way here. 

Bolaven reached Category 5 strength as it made its way off the coast of Asia, but the storm won't impact local weather over the next few days.

Instead, several low-pressure systems forming off the B.C. coast will cause a shift to a cooler, wetter pattern heading into the weekend. 

Locals woke up to sunshine on Thursday, Oct. 12, with V.I.A.'s Downtown Centre Weatherhood station showing an expected high of 17 C with an overnight low of 10 C. Other areas across the Lower Mainland, such as New Westminster and South Surrey, show similar temperatures, with expected highs of 19 C and 17 C, respectively.

But according to the Weatherhood's forecast for the weekend, a shift to rain is expected starting as early as Friday night.

Metro Vancouver weather forecast includes a shift to rain

Li told V.I.A. that the region is "transitioning to a wet pattern" over the weekend that isn't expected to let up anytime particularly soon. While the forecast isn't calling for torrential downpours, several wet days are expected through the weekend and heading into next week.

The first bout of wet weather is expected to intensify Saturday, producing 10 to 20 mm of rainfall throughout the day. There are chances for more showers overnight Saturday and heading into Sunday morning but skies are expected to clear somewhat heading into the evening. 

Starting Monday, another low-pressure system from the Pacific is expected to produce another bout of wet weather. However, "there is a great deal of uncertainty in terms of timing and location," Yi said. 

After Monday's wet event, the forecast includes the possibility of showers or rain on Tuesday and Wednesday. After that, more showers are possible later in the week after Wednesday; temperatures are also expected to be "slightly cooler," she added.

From Oct. 16 to Oct. 23, Metro Vancouver is expected to receive average amounts of rainfall, while the week after that, Oct. 23 to Oct. 30, looks drier. That said, Yi can't predict if the spookiest day of the year will stay clear for Halloween trick-or-treaters on the 31st. 

Will Super Typhoon Bolaven impact Metro Vancouver?

While Super Typoon Bolaven may not have an immediate impact on Metro Vancouver, its "westward track has turned north and eastwards, a path known as a recurving typhoon." The energy from this jet stream will bring the storm to the shores of B.C., resulting in "above seasonal weather for the middle of October," according to The Weather Network.

Yi cautioned that the tropical storm is still "very distant from B.C. and it difficult to know what effect it will have." Additionally, its strength will gradually die off as it makes its way here, meaning locals needn't brace for any serious cyclone chaos.

And while fall is generally the start of storm season, the meteorologist adds that "no high-impact weather" is in the cards for the foreseeable future.