Vancouver’s new Sexy Beast app is like Tinder for people with pets


Sexy Beast

The organizers of Pet-A-Palooza are developing a dating app for pet owners to help single people find a date that will accept them and their furbaby.

“The one thing we keep hearing from our single friends is ‘my partner or the person I’m dating doesn’t like my dog’ — it’s a deal breaker,” says Jordan Illingworth in a phone interview with V.I.A. “It kind of came out of that and probably a bottle of wine to be perfectly honest with you.”

Sexy Beast solves this problem by allowing users to upload a split screen profile picture of them and their pet looking their best. The app asks users questions about their preferences, habits and personality.

Sexy Beast

There are other fun questions about the pet-owner relationship such as whether you think your dog likes you or if you let your dog kiss your face.

Hopeful singles can swipe ‘absolutely’ or ‘definitely not’ on matches and send either a ‘frisky kitty’ picture or ‘wiener’ dog picture.

Sexy Beast

The Sexy Beast app has been in development for two years and is available now from the Apple Store with about 200 users testing it for any remaining glitches.

The app is free to download but messaging potential dates costs $7 a month.

A full North American launch is planned for early 2019.

Pet-A-Palooza started in Victoria by co-founders of the Just Love Animals Society Jordan Illingworth and Lonnie Powell.

Grab some Sexy Beast swag and have your picture taken on the red carpet at the festival happening in Yaletown on August 26. 

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