20 things that made Vancouver AWESOME this week


Take a break from the news cycle and help us celebrate the things we covered this week that are making Vancouver Awesome with a capital “A.”

March 16 – 22, 2019

brad bodnarchuk
Brad Bodnarchuk of Half a Dozen Hospitality in the V.I.A. Studio. Photo by Lindsay William-Ross/Vancouver Is Awesome

1. On this weeks’ V.I.A. Podcast, we’ve got restaurant consultant and hospitality expert Brad Bodnarchuk at the table. What do customers look for when dining out in Vancouver? Which restaurants are slaying the game? And why should we always make a pit stop in the bathroom before the meal gets underway?

Brad will share some insider intel in our in-depth chat about the food biz in Vancouver. You can catch him on his podcast, Half a Dozen Hospitality, too, for more one-on-one talk with some of the city’s most influential names in food.

2. It is going to feel like 20°C in Metro Vancouver this week.

3. This sloth at the Vancouver Aquarium has unexpectedly adorable ears.

4. A ginormous full super worm moon to illuminated Metro Vancouver skies this week.

5. B.C. smashed 26 weather records and Squamish was the hottest place in Canada.

vancouver weather
Vancouver Canada, May 2017. People enjoy the sunshine at English bay beach / Shutterstock

6. You can fly direct Vancouver to Cancun for only $105 CAD (Incl tax).

7. 6 bingeworthy books you need to read this spring.

8. B.C. broke a whopping 42 weather records and reached highs of 24.5°C.

9. Canada ranks in top 10 happiest countries in the world.

10. Vancouver ranks in top 10 North American cities for dog owners.

top North American cities for dog owners
Sunset portrait of a King Charles Cavalier puppy. / Shutterstock

11. Meet the Vancouver lawyer and needle felt artist putting a new spin on kids’ books.

12. Vancouver Park Board’s ‘Heron Cam’ goes live as herons return to Stanley Park.

13. This week’s full super worm moon photos will take your breath away.

14. Cherry blossoms are almost here.

15. Vancouver International Airport ranks in top 10 airports for wellness in the world.

airports for wellness
yvrairport / Instagram

16. Watch this Metro Vancouver neighbourhood cat stare down a coyote.

17. 5 tips for increasing productivity during your morning routine. #sponsored

18. Missing the snow? Relive Vancouver’s fleeting moment as a winter wonderland.

19. You can sail on this lavish cruise from Disneyland to Vancouver for only $291.

20. You won’t need a visa to visit Brazil starting this summer.

brazil visa
Aerial panorama of Christ and Sugar Loaf Mountain, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil / Shutterstock
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