6 exceptional egg dishes to try at your next breakfast outing in Metro Vancouver



The unique egg dishes you need to try the next time you head out for breakfast or brunch. 

Photo: BC Egg

Oh eggs, how we love thee.

You’re delicious, healthy, full of protein and can transform pretty much any dish into a decadent treat. The humble-but-mighty egg however, truly shines during the first half of the day, when orange juice is fresh and coffee is still steaming hot. To celebrate all things egg, we’ve partnered with BC Egg to highlight the egg-centric restaurants and dishes you should be trying this season in Vancouver.

Bon appetit!

Fettuccine for Breakfast at Burdock and Co.

Fettucine for breakfast, with pork and fennel ragout and an egg on top. Photo by Lindsay William-Ross/Vancouver Is Awesome

Not all breakfasts need to include toast, or even bacon for that matter. Shocking, we know, but Mount Pleasant’s elegant dining destination Burdock and Co. proves this hypothesis to be true with this gorgeous Fettuccine dish. Featuring a rich pork ragout, fresh shaved fennel and a perfectly poached fresh egg, this dish is a must try. Their brunch menu also offers staple dishes like Eggs Benedict, a frittata, avocado toast, and baked eggs.

Bison Poutine at OEB Breakfast Co. Yaletown

Photo: OEB Yaletown Facebook

OEB, which stands for Over Easy Breakfast, is a Calgary breakfast staple that recently opened a brand new location in Yaletown. OEB specializes in some seriously over the top creations egg creations, including a Chill Da Bison Out signature breakfast poutine, with bison, french fries, hollandaise and of course, eggs!

Egg Sandwiches at Big Star Sandwich Co.



Our resident food expert recently broke the news (but not the yolk), about Big Star Sandwich Co.’s brand new breakfast menu. Known for making lunch a next-level experience with their “fresh ingredients, amped-up heat and magical combinations”, the New West eatery has now ventured into breakfast offerings, including six variations of eggs, meat and cheese served on their signature rustic filone bread.

Japanese soufflé pancakes at Fufú Café

Smoked Salmon & Avocado. Photo by Lindsay William-Ross/Vancouver Is Awesome

Fufú Café, which just opened on September 7th, is Vancouver’s first cafe dedicated solely to Japanese soufflé pancakes. They’re jiggly, insanely fluffy and can be served in either sweet or savoury preparations. Fufú Café does both exceedingly well, with menu highlights that include their Matcha Mochi pancakes and Smoked Salmon & Avocado benedict style pancakes (pictured above), which is adorned with nothing other than a perfectly runny egg. Eggs two ways all day!

Breakfast Risotto at Egg & Co.

Photo: Egg and Co. Facebook

It’s all in the name! Egg & Co. serves breakfast all day, everyday from their expertly designated home on Fraser Street. With a variety of egg dishes to choose from, the standout remains their breakfast risotto, served with pancetta, peas, shaved grana padano, and a gorgeous 63-degree egg.

Medi Benny at Aleph Eatery

Photo: Aleph Eatery Facebook

This East Vancouver vegetarian spot serves up colourful Mediterranean inspired fare punctuated by bold, refreshing flavours and fresh saj bread. Their Medi Benny features two poached eggs, turmeric “hollandaise”, beet pickles, mixed herbs, zaatar spice and that signature bread that we apparently can’t get enough of. If you want to take this dish to the next level add their enoki mushroom “shawarma” for some extra meatless meatiness.

Photo: BC Egg

You can feel good about eating B.C. eggs because they’re healthy, nutritious and humanely raised. B.C. is home to almost 140 egg farmers, 80% of which are located in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, making Metro Vancouver one of the best places to enjoy delicious, farm-fresh eggs!

B.C. egg farmers participate in a national Animal Care Program. As part of this program, trained field inspectors visit the farm to ensure that hens have a comfortable environment, nutritious diet, fresh water and clean surroundings. Canadian eggs are produced according to some of the highest quality standards in the world, particularly in B.C., where approximately 25% of egg farms are considered cage-free.

From classic white and brown eggs to free range, organic, Omega-3 and vitamin D enhanced, you can find pretty much any egg variety in B.C.’s grocery stores, restaurants and diners.

You can learn more about B.C. eggs by visiting bceggs.com