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'Third time lucky': Vancouver crows Canuck and Cassiar expecting chicks

Canuck the crow looking proud.

 Canuck the crow looking proud.Canuck the crow looking proud. Photograph By Shawn Bergman

Fans of Canuck the Crow -- Vancouver’s unofficial winged ambassador -- and his girlfriend Cassiar are today crossing their fingers everything will go to plan, after news broke that the birds were once again expecting chicks.

Hundreds of congratulation messages flowed on the Canuck and I Facebook page Friday morning, after Canuck’s human best friend Shawn Bergman shared the happy update.

It was a sad start to spring for Canuck and Cassiar when their babies tragically died after a hawk presumably attacked their nest. It was the second season in a row the birds had lost their chicks.

Bergman later brightened the mood when he announced that the much-loved celebrity crows had not lost hope and were in fact trying to start a family for a second time this season.

In a detailed post on Canuck's Facebook page, Bergman wrote that he witnessed the birds mating and then frantically building a new nest, early in May.

By May 11 the new nest was built and on May 12 – Mother’s Day – something special happened. Cassiar laid her eggs.

“Since then, she's been diligently sitting on the nest,” Bergman wrote on Facebook. “With of course the occasional break to come grab a drink, take a bath, or stretch her legs.

“Canuck has been faithfully bringing her food in the nest, and has been quite attentive in protecting the nest.”

Bergman wrote that the new nest had a lot of leaf coverage, which unfortunately, was something the previous nest did not have, which made it an easy target for predators.

“This new location though, is virtually invisible from all sides and I love it!” he wrote.

“I don't think they could have picked a better spot.”

He said this time around it was a lot easier for Canuck to watch over things.

“Cassiar can be much more relaxed and focus on sitting on the nest. Not having to worry about constant threats from above. It's awesome," Bergman explained.

Cassiar has now been sitting on the eggs for eleven days.

“There’s approximately seven more days till the little ones start hatching!” Bergman wrote.

“I’m so excited.”

Followers of the birds are hoping it will be "third time lucky" for the happy couple.

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