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A&W Beyond Meat burger out of stock at some Vancouver locations

There's even a mailing list so you can find out when and where it's available
A&W beyond meat burger

The new plant-based burger that Vancouverites are drooling over continues to go above and beyond. 

It has been just over a month since A&W launched the Beyond Meat Burger and it is selling like hotcakes (in spite of the debate it provoked among vegans.) 

Last week it was outselling the Teen Burger; this week it's sold out at some locations in Vancouver. Other restaurants that have it on their menu are also having problems restocking their fridges.

If you have tried to order the vegetarian burger this week and left disappointed, have no fear... it won't be gone for long. 

We checked with A&W just to make sure. 

"The demand for our new burger has exceeded our expectations and we’re temporarily out of stock (in some locations)!," A&W CEO Susan Senecal said in an email. 

"While we work to bring it back to all restaurants, we invite guests to sign up for our Beyond Meat mailing list."

To get on the list go to

Senecal said a notification would be sent out when the crave-worthy burger is back in stock.

"The Beyond Meat Burger is a new, permanent menu item at A&W and when it's back, we want to make sure it's back for good!" she said.