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After over a decade, Vancouver's museum show of 'ugly' neon signs is turning off the lights

But the display isn't going permanently dark...

One of the most popular exhibits at the Museum of Vancouver will be switched off next month.

Neon Vancouver Ugly Vancouver, which includes 22 neon signs and the stories of the specialized lights in Vancouver, will end June 29, according to the museum. At one time neon signs were seen everywhere in the city.

The neon signs "harken back to a time when Vancouver was the neon capital of North America. At its height, in the 1950’s, the city boasted over 19,000 neon signs – more than Las Vegas at the time," says the museum in a press release.

They've seen an increase in visits to the exhibit recently, due in part to its popularity on social media after local TikTok personality Laura Reid visited. 

The lights aren't being permanently turned off, though.

The Post, the redeveloped Canada Post building downtown, will see the lights set up there.

"The Museum is proud to partner with The Post’s developer, QuadReal Property Group, in bringing these pieces of Vancouver history back into the downtown core where they will be on display in the publicly accessible areas of the building," says the museum.

The new display will be bigger and brighter with other additions coming out of the museum's collection as well. It's expected to be set up in the fall of 2023.

Before they're shut off for a final time at the museum, though, there will be one last Museum of Vancouver event around the lights in late June, though a date hasn't been released.

For those wanting to get a last visit in, the hours are being extended. Starting May 19, the museum's hours will be Sunday to Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Thursday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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