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A new art installation in B.C. is challenging the notion of reality

... with giant person-sized roll of toilet paper, among other creations.
Photo: Kelowna Art Gallery

A new installation opened this week at the Kelowna Art Gallery featuring larger-than-life icons constructed from atypical materials that encourage viewers to question their notions of reality.

The 'I Must Be Streaming' exhibition features a giant person-sized roll of toilet paper, a 12-foot tall lightning bolt mounted on the wall and a six-foot tall felted heart suspended from the ceiling, among other creations.

Kelowna artist Jorden Doody is the creative genius behind the installation, and hopes her work will invite visitors to challenge their own beliefs about reality. 

Her desire is that visitors will be empowered to reflect on their own ideas of connection, to be critical of the worlds in which they live and deeply consider the impact that has on their relationships and daily lives.

Doody produces her artwork by blending new media technologies with digital printing and contemporary materials, while incorporating more traditional modes of craft such as painting and quilting.

The installation runs until Nov. 1, 2020, at the Kelowna Art Gallery. 

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