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Vancouver's Ryan Reynolds was husband goals at the Met Gala

Yet another reason for Vancouver to love Ryan Reynolds.
Ryan Reynolds Met Gala 2022
Ryan Reynolds had the purest reaction to Blake Lively's dress reveal at the 2022 Met Gala.

Social media has announced this year's Met Gala King and Queen.

The first Monday of May marked the return of the Met Gala as per its normal schedule, and who better to host this year's event than Vancouver-born Ryan Reynolds and his wife, Blake Lively

The couple was one of the first to arrive on the red carpet, and the Deadpool star's reaction to his wife's dress went down as the most wholesome moment in the couple's hilariously loving history. Social media was quick to call Reynolds "husband goals."

Reynolds gushed about his wife on social media, captioning an Instagram post: "Blake changing outfits in a split second on the red carpet was a moment I'll never forget." Of course, in typical Reynolds humour, he compared the dress reveal to his recently-changed moisturizer which he “[Feels] pretty confident it's more of a slow burn that people will appreciate in time. Like Freaks and Geeks."

One quick search of "Ryan Reynolds Met Gala" on Twitter will bring up Reynolds' genuine reaction from every angle; him by Blake’s side, his face when she revealed her full gown, and Reynolds watching his wife in awe at the top of the red carpet stairs.

The theme of the Met for 2022 was “Gilded Glamour” which nodded to New York's Gilded Age, a time of opulence and grandiosity. Various combinations of satin, silk, velvet and fringe were topped with excessive lace, bows, frills and ruffles during that time, and the event called for a white-tie dress code, implying ball gowns, coats with tails and other traditional evening attire.