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Said the Whale frontman creates new Vancouver-based record label

Tyler Bancroft, the co-lead singer and founding member of the band announced the record label’s creation on Instagram
 Tyler Bancroft
Said the Whale's co-lead singer Tyler Bancroft announced on Instagram the launch of Everything Forever Inc., a brand new record label based in Vancouver.

A locally-created record label is set to distribute the newest sounds of Vancouver’s already established and up-and-coming artists.

The label was announced Monday (May 10) by Tyler Bancroft, guitarist and co-lead singer for Vancouver-based band Said the Whale.

Dubbed Everything Forever Inc., the company has been nearly a year in the making Bancroft explained in an Instagram post.

The label is led by Dyllan Towle, a music manager who Bancroft has worked alongside for the past three years. Universal Music Canada will be distributing the signed artists' work.

Bancroft also announced several of the new label’s already signed artists, including the up-and-coming Titus Bank, Mute Choir, shy kids, Micah Erenberg and, of course, Bancroft’s own band Said the Whale.

Bancroft went on to thank people who made the creation of the label possible including his parents and bandmates who agreed to be signed to the new label as Bancroft puts it with “very little discussion, just the usual 100% trust.” Bancroft also thanked wife and fellow parent Laura Bancroft, not only for supporting the creation of the new label but also for raising two young children during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“Both things neither of us have ever done before, but if we’re pulling it off it’s all because of her,” he wrote.

Keenly aware that the journey has just begun for the label, Bancroft says the announcement is far from an acceptance speech. 

“This is just literally day one of an idiot who is starting a record label during a global pandemic, wish me luck. 🚀🌕”

To keep to date with the goings-on of Everything Forever Inc., feel free to check out the website or associated social media feeds.