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Without cash injection, Squamish Constellation Festival unlikely in 2023

‘The Squamish Constellation Festival has never needed an angel more,’ says co-founder.

Squamish Constellation Festival (SCF) founders say it may not be viable to host another festival in 2023 unless the event receives financial help soon.

In a news release, the festival noted that decreased attendance, more expensive operating costs and upfront deposits will make it “next to impossible” to host the festival again without a sudden investment of funds.

“It is going to take lovers of the arts, with an abiding passion for live music and appreciation of the positive impact music festivals have on people’s lives and mental health, to reinvent this industry to some degree and help bridge this post-COVID chasm,” said co-founder Kirsten Andrews in the release on Tuesday.

“We have only a number of weeks to determine whether a festival in 2023 is viable,” she continued. “We are looking for investment, for patronage.”

The SCF is not the only music festival falling on hard times. The Vancouver Folk Music Festival (VFMF) announced that it would not be producing a 2023 festival and will likely end for good.

“Unfortunately, the challenges that are preventing us from being able to move ahead with a festival in 2023 truly appear to be the ‘new normal’ going forward. To proceed with an annual festival, we would require an additional $500,000 (estimated) up-front every year,” reads an update on the Vancouver Folk Musical Festival website posted on Jan. 17.

“We have determined that there is not enough grant or sponsorship funding available to support this budget increase, nor could our community sustain the increase in ticket prices that would be necessary to close the gap.”

Because of those challenges, the VFMF said the board would ask members to dissolve their society in the upcoming annual general meeting.

The SCF, however, hasn’t given up all hope, as its founders are actively seeking investment.

If interested in investing, you may email the SCF at or reach out via social media channels.

“We need to join forces and bring this vibrant and important industry back to life,” said Andrews.