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You can spot celebs on these Metro Vancouver film sets this week (PHOTOS)

Hollywood North is back for 2022, and so are the star sightings!
Actors on popular TV shows including Resident Alien, Kung Fu Panda, and The Flash can be spotted on Metro Vancouver film sets in February 2022.

Locals can spot popular actors on a few film sets in Lower Mainland over the next couple of weeks. 

It isn't uncommon to spot a Hollywood star decked out in super-attire in Metro Vancouver. In fact, multiple TV shows based on popular DC comics have been filmed in the city including PeacemakerBatwomanSupergirlThe Flash, and more. 

But there are some other, non-superhero-related celebrities that you can spot in the region over the upcoming days. 

Multiple TV shows took a break from filming locally over the winter holidays and resumed filming in the new year. One of them, Resident Alien, airs on SYFY (short for Sci-Fi Channel) and stars Alan Tudyk as an alien named Harry. Harry assumes "the identity of a small-town Colorado doctor and slowly begins to wrestle with the moral dilemma of his secret mission on Earth," according to IMDb.

The show recently won Best Cable Series Comedy at the Hollywood Critics Association awards and transformed downtown Vancouver into New York City for filming in September 2021.

Production company GEP Resident Inc. has commenced filming scenes in Metro Vancouver again and will be filming in Delta's North 40 Reserve Park on Tuesday (Feb. 22). The film crew are on-site preparing for the shoot, which will include "exterior dialogue day and night scenes" and the use of a drone for filming scenes over a grassy field, according to a resident notification letter. 

Three lighting lifts placed in the park will make the area appear brighter than usual on the night of filming, adds the company. 

Fans of Kung Fu Panda can also catch actors on set in the Lower Mainland next week. Scenes for the show's second season will be filmed at the Pitt Meadows Airport from Tuesday (Feb. 22) to Thursday (Feb. 24), according to a resident notification letter. The scenes will be filmed at and around the airport's new terminal building. 

Now in its eighth season, The Flash is CW TV show is about a superhero who assumes his awesome powers after being struck by lightning. Filming for the popular show commenced in early January.

Locals have shared photos of the film crew filming the popular show in recent weeks and one of them even shared a masked-up selfie he snapped with actor Robbie Amell.

Now, locals have spotted the CW show filming on the Pacific National Grounds grounds. 

Production for The Flash has involved some massive sets in the city over the past year, including blocking traffic to the Georgia Viaduct and at the Vancouver Convention Centre