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After a decade, a Vancouver BBQ staple spot is closing for good

The Gastown spot opened in 2010 and specialized in Carolina-style BBQ.
Gastown's Peckinpah, a Carolina-style BBQ spot that opened in 2010, will be closing permanently on Feb. 11, 2021. Photo via Peckinpah/Facebook

"2021 was a year used in a science fiction film, not a date to plan for," says Tyson Reimer. For Reimer, it's also the year in which he closes the door for good to his Gastown BBQ restaurant, Peckinpah.

In a social media farewell posted Feb. 2, Reimer says he has sold the restaurant and will be shutting down permanently on Feb. 11. 

Peckinpah has been listed for sale for some time now.

Opened in late 2010, Peckinpah - named for American film director Sam Peckinpah, who was know for his bold take on the Western genre - specialized in Carolina-style BBQ. 

Carolina BBQ is considered one of the oldest forms of the cuisine and tends to centre on pork cuts served with sauce; clutch sauce ingredients vary regionally within the Carolinas, whether that be vinegar, sugar and ketchup, or mustard.

The BBQ fare at Peckinpah includes beef brisket, pulled pork, pork ribs, smoked chicken wings, and pork jalapeño sausage, as well as fried chicken. Pulled pork is piled into a sandwich with slaw, and sides on the menu include cornbread, mac and cheese, and Brunswick Stew - a traditional Carolinian dish made with pork, chicken and beans that you won't likely see at other Vancouver BBQ joints.

"Peckinpah has been here longer than I ever thought it would," says Reimer, going on to add: "I'm happy to be done right now because honestly it's been such a shitty year but I'm also quite sad that what we built won't be here anymore. All these restriction[s] will eventually be lifted and we'll get back to normal but unfortunately Peckinpah won't be able to ride that out. At least not as it is right now."

While there remains a few days left to pop by to say goodbye to the veteran Gastown restaurant, Reimer says, "We'll be back in one way or another."

Read Reimer's full farewell note on the @peckinpahbbq Instagram account:


A post shared by Peckinpah (@peckinpahbbq)

Peckinpah is located at 2 Water Street in Gastown.

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