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Gastown seafood restaurant shutters in its second year

The business is still up for sale, if you feel like taking a gamble
Coquille Fine Seafood in Gastown has closed. Photo by Lindsay William-Ross/Vancouver Is Awesome

With the end of 2019 came the end of several Vancouver restaurants. While some, like West on South Granville and Market by Jean-Georges inside the Shangri-La hotel in downtown, were long-heralded, others came a little suddenly. Case in point the identity-challenged Coquille Fine Seafood in Gastown, which shuttered at the end of December.

Coquille launched in February 2018, positioning itself as an elegant but approachable seafood restaurant aimed at serving locals and visitors alike. They had a day and night menu, as well as a kids' menu, and while they began on sure footing with big names and expertise behind them, things never really took off.

Behind-the-scenes fracturing led to some personnel shuffles between Coquille and its onetime sibling restaurant L'Abattoir. A few months ago, Coquille was listed for sale on local restaurant broker sites. Though not always the death knell for a restaurant, it does signal that the end could indeed be near. Though the restaurant has indeed closed, the listing remains active (and is priced at under $200K, if you feel like gambling.) "Owners must make a move hence the aggressive price for this build out," notes the listing on Restaurant Business Broker.

Sure enough, Coquille has shared this message on their website: "A heartfelt thank you to all of our guests who have visited Coquille Fine Seafood since we opened, we have enjoyed every minute of being a part of this wonderful community in historic Gastown."

Coquille's social media pages have been removed. 

The restaurant was located at 181 Carrall Street in the location previously home to the high-concept Secret Location.