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Exotic snack explosion in Vancouver continues with Dank Mart opening second location (PHOTOS)

Oh such snacks! And the sweets! Oh joy!

Celebrated snack shop Dank Mart has a new location along the popular shopping area of Robson Street.

It's the brand's second location; the first opened last spring in the Punjabi Market. And both are filled with bonkers snacks. While some products don't stick around too long, the current selection at 805 Thurlow St. (it used to be a RYU athletic wear store) has cake-in-a-jar, multiple basketball-themed cereals, and Baconator-(as in the Wendy's hamburger)-flavoured Pringles.

It's all very dank, according to all the signs around the store. But it's also a bright, light store with lots of colour.

The store is a mix of full-on assault on the eyes and nostalgia for what kids thought adult life might bring. The cereal has cake in it, the cake mixes have Oreos in them, and the Oreos have every flavour in them (though not all at once, yet).

The store also has a couple of tributes to the brand's co-founder, Amin Shahin Shakur, who was shot and killed last year. A 41-year-old man faces second-degree charges in the death.

One unintentional item in the store appears to be mothers taking their children to the store for candy and to pose at the store. In Vancouver Is Awesome's short visit at least four groups came in and did just that.

"Do you love me more now?" asked one mom on the way out as her kid ingested some sugary treat.

"A little," he replied.

No word on if Dank Sedin has graced either store.

This is at least the fourth store to open in the last 18 months to call itself an exotic snack bodega. There's the two Dank Marts, and in East Van there are now two Lucky's Bodegas (one on East Hastings opened late last year while a second opened this spring next to Duffin's Donuts).