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New owners flip Vancouver restaurant from German-influenced to Greek-inspired

Daybreakers lasted less than a year
Apollos has opened up on Commercial Drive, taking over Daybreakers' space.

The sun is rising on a new spot on the Drive.

Apollo's opened earlier this month at 2095 Commercial Dr. Fitting for a place named after the Greek god of the sun, the restaurant focuses on Greek food.

It's replacing the short-lived Daybreakers (which oddly also had a sun-related name); Daybreakers only spent about 10 months in the space it had taken over from the Tangent Cafe, which spent more than a decade at The Drive's intersection with East 5th Avenue.

While Daybreakers had a German skew to its dishes, Apollo's Greek-focused menu will have a similar interior look, owner Fernando Abbassi tells V.I.A.

"The biggest changes customers will notice include a revamped menu with a strong focus on Greek cuisine, although we still offer some of the popular dishes from Daybreakers," he explains.

Brunch options include vegan omelettes, yiaourti (a Greek yogurt mixture), and stuffed French Toast. Dinner options are mostly Mediterranean and Greek (moussaka, calamari, and spankopita all appear) with a few pub fare options (bacon cheeseburgers and fried chicken and waffles).

Another big change is the return of live music. For years the Tangent Cafe often had live music in the evenings. That's back at Apollo's, every weekend.

Abbassi isn't new to the Drive community; his work experience includes years in the local restaurant industry including managing Saloniki Greek Taverna which closed a few years ago (where Park Drive is now).

The new restaurant is open every day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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