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You can get oysters topped with peanut butter or ketchup chips at this new Vancouver restaurant

What the shuck?

Awww, shucks: There's a brand new oyster bar that's just debuted in Vancouver, and they are throwing the whole notion of eating raw oysters on its ear.

Shuck Shuck has just opened its doors at 227 E Pender in Chinatown, and they are on a mission "to educate the world about oysters as a sustainable food option," according to the casual restaurant's website.

"Step number one: making oysters fun and approachable," adds Shuck Shuck. To that end, this modern "social" spot has a menu featuring quirky toppings for freshly-shucked oysters sourced from Vancouver Island. 

Move over, mignonette (the traditional oyster topping of vinegar and finely diced onions). Shuck Shuck tops their oysters in some curious combos; the Candiana comes with a topping of maple syrup, Extreme Beans, ketchup chips, and bacon "dust" while the PB& J features spicy peanut butter satay sauce, raspberry jam, red chili, and peanut "dust."


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There's an oyster topped with ingredients inspired by a McD's Big Mac, and one with fiery Korean flavours like kimchi and gochujang. There's even a sweet one with lemon curd.

Shuck Shuck's interior design is pretty innovative, too. They've got a 64-foot custom table that swirls through the modern and minimalist space. Currently, the concept is tailored to COVID-19 restrictions, which finds customers ordering and then standing at the table, with moveable glass partitions to separate groups.

The oyster spot has been in the works for over a year now; this video from Oct. 2019 shows a brief glimpse behind the scenes of their Pender Street digs.