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New vegan concept Bad Apple takes over former What's Up? Hot Dog! space in Hastings-Sunrise

With an all-vegan menu and new ownership, the space that had been What's Up? Hot Dog! has a new lease on life.
The vegan Korean BBQ sandwich from Bad Apple at 2481 E Hastings St. Photo: @badapple_vancouver/Instagram

With an all-vegan menu and new ownership, the space that had until recently been the punk rock-tinged What's Up? Hot Dog! restaurant has a new lease on life.

Called Bad Apple, the restaurant is retaining much of the WUHD staff in addition to the address, social media following, and music selections, however, there has been what the new owner assures a total break from the previous restaurant's ownership.

That new owner is Taylor Burnham, who was one of the owners of Main Street's Nomad, which shuttered just about a year ago after a five-year run.

The emphasis on ownership stems from accusations levelled against WUHD owner Matt Hagarty; comments on the Bad Apple Instagram account - which took over the existing WUHD account - call for transparency and accountability as the restaurant moves forward.

"Having been through the [wringer] [the WUHD staff] have stuck together and have shown an amazing conviction standing up for what is right. They deserve a positive and safe work environment and that is exactly what I intend on creating," shared Burnham.

While WUHD became mired in controversy in the last few months (they drew fire from their anti-police sidewalk sign and marketed an enamel pin showing a blazing sidewalk sign in response), one thing the Hastings-Sunrise eatery had also become known for was its vegan fare, including a line-up of vegan "wings" that even had their own night at the restaurant.


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Bad Apple boasts an entirely vegan menu, including "ballpark" nachos (Burnham does play in the East Van beer league) with housemade plant-based queso, fries of all kinds - waffle or classic French - with dips and toppings, and an array of burgers, salads, and sandwiches. And, yes: there are hot dogs and cauliflower "wings" on the Bad Apple menu, too.

The restaurant is open for dine-in daily from noon to 10 p.m., with online ordering available through Doordash.

Bad Apple is located at 2481 E Hastings St in Vancouver