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A quirky Vancouver oyster bar has quietly closed up shop

They were on a mission to make "oysters fun and approachable."

A Vancouver restaurant on a mission to make "oysters fun and approachable" has closed up shop.

Shuck Shuck, which opened in October 2020 at 227 E Pender St in Chinatown, is no longer in business.

A sign on the vacated restaurant indicates a temporary closure, however, the space has papered over windows and for lease signs in the window. Shuck Shuck has also axed its social media and website.

The oyster bar was all about slurping the mollusks and presenting them with creative toppings. Shuck Shuck dressed up their oysters in some curious combos; the Candiana comes with a topping of maple syrup, Extreme Beans, ketchup chips, and bacon "dust" while the PB& J features spicy peanut butter satay sauce, raspberry jam, red chili, and peanut "dust." They even had one that was inspired by the flavours of a classic Big Mac burger and a sweet one with lemon curd. And, yes, you could get just plain shucked oysters - you'd order them up as "Birthday Suit."

The interior was sparse and modern, with a 64-foot custom table that swirls through the modern and minimalist space.

It appears Shuck Shuck shucked its last oyster sometime in the late spring or early summer.

For those in search of oysters in the same neighbourhood, Keefer Street's Oyster Express is a great option for oysters, share plates, and drinks in a no-frills atmosphere. 


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