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Vancouver pizza and beer restaurant suddenly closed

The restaurant gave up the ghost - and ghosted Vancouver diners with reservations
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What happened to Community Taps + Pizza? The restaurant, a 2021 revamp of Biercraft, closed without notice recently.

"Looks like Community Taps + Pizza has shuttered for good," shared a beer fan in a Facebook group earlier this week.

The same observation was made on several other Vancouver restaurant-focused Facebook groups and discussion board site Reddit.

The windows are papered up at 1191 Commercial Dr, and Community Taps + Pizza seems to have ghosted Vancouver diners.

"We had a reservation there for Feb. 19, when we got there there was paper covering the windows with a printed out sign saying they were closed, with a lock on the door," described Reddit user imthebiggestmunch, who shared they had been a fan of the restaurant. 

Community Taps + Pizza opened in late November 2021. The restaurant was a revamp of sorts of Biercraft, which at one point had four locations in Metro Vancouver, spanning from UBC to SFU. 

Biercraft - in name - goes back to 2010, when its then-owner/operator The Incendio Group renamed its Stella’s Tap and Tapas Bar and Stella’s Bierstro beer bar/restaurants after five years in the game. The name change was sparked by a trademark dispute. At the time, Biercraft boasted the province's longest list of Belgian beers. 

There's still a Biercraft open at SFU's UniverCity, but the beer-focused restaurant closed its Cambie location in 2022 and its UBC Wesbrook operation in 2023. Not long after, the Biercraft team joined with Sports Illustrated to open the magazine brand's first-ever pub-style restaurant, the SI Clubhouse, in the same Shrum Lane space at UBC.

In October 2023, Community Taps + Pizza shuttered its Edmonton location. Though the restaurant did announce the closure, it gave just a couple of days' notice on its social media.

However, in Vancouver, no such announcement was shared by the business, leaving locals to speculate what happened. 

The last post to Community Taps + Pizza's YVR socials was on February 8, promoting Super Bowl pizza specials.

An email to the contact address provided on the Community Taps + Pizza Vancouver website bounced back as "Address not found."

V.I.A. will share any updates that become available regarding the closure. 

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