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13 Vancouver-made vegan ice creams you can buy by the pint

No dairy? No problem. We've rounded up 13 Vancouver-made vegan ice creams you can buy by the pint.

Vancouver isn't always generous with days perfect for sitting outside slowly savouring ice cream cones in the hot sun. But that doesn't mean we all quit ice cream eight months out of the year.

Then there's another problem...dairy. Milk products are getting the boot out of a lot of diets, and still...the vegan and lactose intolerant still scream for ice cream. Vancouver's dessert makers have stepped it up big time in the last few years, giving us scoop after scoop of delicious options for dairy-free ice creams we can enjoy by the pint.

We've rounded up 13 Vancouver-made dairy-free ice creams you can buy by the pint.

Virtuous Pie

 Virtuous PieVirtuous Pie

This is one pizza parlour where they are not only bringing the totally vegan pizza hits, but also some rockin' vegan ice creams, too. Available year-round by the pint at their Vancouver locations (UBC's outpost is opening soon), look for flavours likeRum + Everything Nice, Coffee + Donuts, Hawaiian Vanilla, and more.

Address: 583 Main Street, Vancouver


 Umaluma GelatoUmaluma Gelato

Chinatown's Umaluma has an entire Chinatown shop devoted to dairy-free gelato. Their selection of their rich, silky frozen desserts is mostly vegan (some use honey), and they have colourful pints pre-packed in some of their most popular flavours. Oh, and you can order them via Uber Eats, too.

Address: 235 East Pender Street, Vancouver



This wholly plant-based vegan ice cream biz is all about the pints, available in stores around Vancouver (and via Spud's delivery service). You'll find their best-selling Mint Chip, Strawberry Swirl, and more in a whole bunch of freezer sections across the lower mainland.

Tangram Creamery

Tangram always has two or three vegan flavours for scooping in their shop on Arbutus at 12th. They skew towards the fruity sorbets, but sometimes they have some that use cashew or almond milk for a creamy boost. Have them pack your flavours in a to-go pint to enjoy your dairy-free dessert at home.

Address: 2729 Arbutus Street, Vancouver

Chau Veggie Express

 Chau Veggie ExpressChau Veggie Express

One of Vancouver's favourite vegetarian/vegan Vietnamese restaurants, Chau Veggie Express has a wicked dessert program that includes vegan ice creams they also sell by the pint. Look for flavours like Coconut Pandan Leaf & Kale, Thai Milk Tea, and Caramelized Banana to grab and go.

Address: 5052 Victoria Drive, Vancouver

Address: 1689 Johnston Street (Granville Island Public Market), Vancouver

Say Hello Sweets

 Say Hello SweetsSay Hello Sweets

Say Hello Sweets began as a truck, and they also have their plant-based ice creams available in pints, including in spots like Vegan Supply in Chinatown. Try their signature Cafe No-Lait, the flavour that started it all.

Buckets Ice Cream

Mount Pleasant's Buckets has pre-packed pints available in-store, and their roster of vegan flavours is pretty impressive: Coconut Vanilla, Chocolate Coconut, Peanut Butter & Brownie, Mandarin Orange Sorbet, and Pandan.

Address: 3330 Main Street, Vancouver

Earnest Ice Cream

 Earnest Ice CreamEarnest Ice Cream

Earnest Ice Cream is a Vancouver mainstay, and they take great care to keep a few excellent vegan flavours in their line up. You'll find their glass pints stocked in their shops around Vancouver.

Address: 4 locations in Metro Vancouver; check website for details

Elephant Garden

Elephant Garden is a small artisanal ice cream maker in Vancouver. Right now you'll find them at the Vancouver Farmers' Markets, and their vegan flavours include Salted Gula Melaka and mango Coconut Sticky Rice. The plan is to open up a store front this spring or summer.

Rain or Shine


Rain or Shine is all about enjoying ice cream in any weather--so perfectly Vancouver. You'll find pints stocked in all their locations, including with their regular and seasonal vegan flavours.

Address: 3 Vancouver locations; check website for details

Roosters Ice Cream Bar

These guys don't often have a lot of non-dairy options in the mix, but they do occasionally scoop up vegan flavours like Blueberry Raspberry Coconut Swirl. You can get a pint packed to go at their scoop shop.

Address: 1039 East Broadway, Vancouver



This Liquid Nitrogen ice cream shop in Yaletown keeps the freezer stocked with glass pint jars to grab for those on the go. While they are primarily a dairy-based treat shop, they do rotate a couple of vegan flavours in the mix, so keep your eyes out for those plant-based pints.

Address: 1141 Mainland Street, Vancouver

Welcome Parlour

 Welcome ParlourWelcome Parlour

North Vancouver's Welcome Parlour always has a couple of dairy-free and vegan friendly options to scoop. Look for flavours like Black Cherry, Lime Coconut, and Vegan Mango Pineapple to put in your to-go pint.

Address: 277 East 8th Street, North Vancouver