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Where to find Ukrainian food in and around Vancouver

Get to know the country and show the local Ukrainian community support by trying one of these Metro Vancouver restaurants.
Hungry Tato’s Lunch combo from Kozak in New Westminster. The Ukrainian bakery and restaurant has two Vancouver locations as well. Photo by Lindsay William-Ross / Vancouver Is Awesome

With many Vancouverites watching news and footage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine as it unfolds, many may want to show support to the local Ukrainian community. One way to show support is to visit one of Vancouver's Ukrainian-focused restaurants and get to know the country through its cuisine.

There are a few Ukrainian restaurants locally, which means it's easy to get your hands on sweet babka, soulful borcsh, or rich perogies to enjoy on-site or at home. One popular Vancouver destination for Ukrainian fare has long been the "Friday Night Suppers" hosted at the Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral, however, at this time that beloved event is on pause. 

Here's are a few places to find Ukrainian food in and around Vancouver.

Kozak Ukrainian Eatery - New Westminster, Vancouver

Kozak actually started out as Solodko Bakery, operating a stand at farmers' markets for their baked goods, ranging from long-fermented sourdough to an indulgent Brooklyn-style dark chocolate babka. They launched at 444 6th Street in New Westminster in mid-2015, offering not only their breads and treats, but also expanding the menu to include other traditional Ukrainian fare, ultimately opting to re-brand to Kozak. Since then they've launched a restaurant in Vancouver at 5077 Victoria Drive and one in Gastown at 1 West Cordova. 

You'll find all-day breakfast at Kozak, featuring things like syrnyky (cottage cheese pancakes), manka (porridge), deruny (Ukrainian potato pancakes), egg dishes, toast, and fresh-squeezed juices. Their lunch and dinner menu includes everything from varenyky (pierogies) to borsch (beet soup, in vegan and non-vegan versions), along with holubtsi (cabbage rolls), nalysnyky (a stuffed and rolled crepe), as well as savoury piroski (stuffed breads), and all their tantalizing baked goods. They have fantastic lunch combos and do a lot of take-out and prepared food business as well. 

Ukrainian Village - Vancouver 

Head to Vancouver's West End to the legendary Ukrainian Village restaurant for traditional dishes using "Grandma's recipes." The menu focuses on hearty authentic plates of eats like perogies, Kiev chicken, and cabbage rolls, along with borsch, "Olivye" salad (a traditional Ukraininan potato salad), and other fare from the region. Located at 815 Denman St, Ukrainian Village serves lunch and dinner weekdays, and breakfast, lunch, and dinner on weekends.

A Taste of Ukraine - Burnaby, Port Moody

With two Metro Vancouver locations, this restaurant can definitely ensure you get "A Taste of Ukraine" in the Lower Mainland. The family-run business specializes in handmade Ukrainian Holubtsi (Cabbage Rolls), Pyrohy (Perogies), and Borscht. They've got a full deli menu with items like Ukrainian potato salad, meats and cheese, salads and coleslaw. You can also opt to bring home frozen items like their perogies or grocery items, baked sweet treats, breads, and more. They are located at 2720 St. Johns St in Port Moody and 4976 Kingsway in Burnaby.