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You can get a donut hot dog at this Vancouver deli

Meet the Brätnut. Its creator calls it the perfect combo of salty and sweet.
The Brätnut is the collision of a pork bratwurst and honey-glazed donuts.

Vancouver has seen its share of donut hybrids and mashups, from the "frissant" (that's fritter plus croissant) to donut tacos. Now a pair of veteran Granville Island food stands have joined forces to offer the Brätnut. Yes, that's right: It's basically a donut hot dog.

The Brätnut is the combo efforts of Lee's Donuts (if they spell it "donut" we are going to here, too - don't @ us) and German deli Kaisereck, both located inside Granville Island's legendary Public Market.

The combo of donut and tubular meat is comprised of the following: A mild pork brätwurst served in two honey-glazed Little John donuts from Lee's, topped with caramelized onions, honey dijon and chipotle mayo. 

As for how it tastes, Kaisereck says it's the perfect combo of salty and sweet - but that to really know, you'll have to try it yourself. 

Available every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, the Brätnut launched earlier this year at the deli.