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Duckana vs Avocato: Vancouverites react to new weird animal statue

Isn't it the cutest thing you've "avo" seen?
In 2022, London Drugs added a duck-banana hybrid creature called the Duckana to its selection of garden decorations. In 2023, the retailer unveiled a cat-avocado crossbreed called the Avocato.

A new food-animal crossbreed has been spotted in town. 

Last summer, Vancouverites went bananas over London Drugs' latest garden decoration; a majestic creature that is literally part duck and part banana, and dubbed the Duckana. 

This week, the retailer unveiled this year's weird yet avocado-rable decoration; a green critter with the face of a cat and the body of an avocado, affectionately named the Avocato. 

Vancouver Is Awesome ran two polls, one on Twitter and another on Instagram, to see which odd creature locals prefer. The results were similar across both platforms. 

Turns out, many Vancouverites would agree that this fat (the good kind!) cat is the cutest thing locals have "avo" seen. 

Both polls ran for 24 hours and asked Vancouverites which animal– the Duckana or Avocato– is cuter and/or better. 

On Twitter, Avocato received 79 per cent of the 68 votes. Meanwhile on Instagram, where V.I.A. has a larger viewership of over 100,000 followers, Avocato received 69 per cent of votes.

Here are the full poll results:

Most Vancouverites prefer the Avocato over the Duckana. Vancouver Is Awesome