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Video: Vancouver's iconic beached barge is coming down. Here's what that looks and sounds like.

Tearing the walls off a barge is shockingly loud

The big red walls of the English Bay Barge are gone.

The long black hull remains, but the tall walls which could be seen from almost anywhere in English Bay now lay in pieces, ready to be moved to another barge (much to the relief of most people).

It wasn't the most elegant procedure. The walls were made of relatively thick metal, but were easily cut through by the giant jaws attached to an excavator lifted over to the barge last week. The process was fairly simple, the jaws would cut a line or two in the wall, grab a hold of it and peel it back.

It took less than a week to pull the walls off Vancouver's temporary landmark, and the struts that held them up. A spokesperson says the removal process could take up to 15 weeks from the beginning of the project earlier this month.

@vancouverisawesome The big red walls of the English Bay Barge have been torn off. Here’s how that happened. #vancouverisawesome #englishbaybarge #VIAnews ♬ I Will Remember You - Sarah McLachlan