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19 shots of pure 'snow madness' in Metro Vancouver (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

This morning offered a great opportunity to dust off your snowshoes.
Photo: @BCMikeMcD / Twitter

Did you venture out to work or school today? 

If so, you were probably met with a rather difficult, if not impossible commute. While the Ministry of Transportation has advised drivers to stay off the roads, TransLink has stated its customers ought to stay home, too. 

Nevertheless, a number of locals braved the elements, and have shared their 'snowpocolypse' photos and videos on social media. Earlier this morning, a video was shared on Twitter of a group of people trying to push a bus up a hill. Now, @Banforeignoen1 has tweeted an image of 20 buses stuck on Granille Street and the Granville Street Bridge headed south bound. The poster advises, "Take the train if you can, it'll be a while."

Another poster shared an image of an actual snow bunny. Have a look at some more photos and videos of Metro Vancouver's snow madness.