Watercooler: What Vancouver was talking about this week


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Hey Friends,

So, you’ve been complaining about your crappy job?

Get a load of this… There’s so much dog poop in Vancouver that the City will soon pay someone to take poo out of doggie bags for processing at its waste facilities. With 6,900 tonnes of pooch poo to deal with each year, it’s no wonder the City needs a little help taking care of business.

Holy crap! That’s a lot of poop. Photo: Shutterstock

Apart from the sh*t show, Vancouver was named the ‘friendliest city in the world‘ in a global survey this week. It’s a big call, but we’ll take it.

Here’s the rest…


Forget NIMBYs, there are ‘CAVE people’ (a.k.a ‘citizens against virtually everything’) causing a bit of trouble in Vancouver. Developers say they’re disrupting the growth of Metro Vancouver multi-family rentals. It doesn’t bode well for a city with the highest rents and the lowest vacancy rates in the country…


What do you do if you see a seal pup on the beach? Some locals think you should put it in a bathtub, in a couch cushion or feed it some KFC. They’re wrong. LEAVE SEAL PUPS ALONE.

One man scooped up two newborn seal pups  and put them in a couch cushion cover. Photo: Vancouver Aquarium MMRC

+ People are forgetting the age-old rule of ‘pack it in, pack it out’ at this B.C. lake. A Vancouver diver shone a light on the huge amount of garbage he single-handedly scooped up. It’s atrocious.


What to EatGar-lick your way through this bizarre ice cream at a food festival entirely dedicated to the pungent, versatile vegetable.

+ Locals are obsessed with this milk tea smoothie: It’s making the rounds with food influencers, big time.

What to Do: The Dude is back! And that means it’s party time. There’s a shindig to celebrate the long-awaited return of Dude Chilling Park’s famed laid-back sculpture.

The Dude is back in Dude Chilling Park. Photo: Thomas Fahey

+ Get lost in this epic Canucks-themed corn maze to celebrate the hockey team’s 50th Anniversary.

+ Have a laugh at this FREE outdoor movie screening of Crazy Rich Asians in Downtown Vancouver.


Bearly believable: Not sure if you know this but, bears can open car doors. Here’s a surveillance tape of a curious B.C. bear’s adventure, in case you’re a non-believer.

+ The Green Party wants a Canada-wide ban on semi-automatic rifles and handguns – Here’s how they plan to do it.

+ What are you waiting for? You can fly from Abbotsford to Las Vegas for only $79 CAD right now or from Abbotsford to Edmonton for as little as $19 CAD. No joke.

+ Not to brag, but how beautiful is our city? Check out all the incredible daily images taken by our readers. Include #VancouverIsAwesome to be featured.

Thanks for this dreamy photo @nicolebutzphoto.

Stay AWESOME, Vancouver

Bob Kronbauer, Founder