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Ikea just dropped a sweet new plant-based treat at Canadian stores

The Swedish furniture giant just released a sweet new menu item that customers have been clamouring for.

Ikea just released a sweet new menu item that customers have been clamouring for: Plant-based soft serve.

Made using a strawberry purée base, the vegan frozen treat gives flexitarians and plant-based guests a dessert option. The strawberry non-dairy soft serve also happens to have "almost half the carbon footprint compared to its dairy-based friend" - which is Ikea's popular vanilla soft serve ice cream - according to Ikea Canada.

In recent years, the Swedish furniture and housewares giant has been making strides in its plant-based food offerings. In 2018, Ikea introduced Canadian shoppers to their 75-cent veggie hot dog, made with kale, red lentils, carrots, ginger, quinoa, onion, potatoes, and spices. 


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Ikea also launched a veggie alternative to their famed meatballs in 2015 and has long had plans to add more veggie and vegan fare to their menus, including a non-dairy frozen dessert.

Following the success of the veggie hot dog that launched in 2018 in Canada, it was a perfect opportunity to add a plant-based version of the traditional dairy-based frozen yogurt to offer to the many – vegetarians, vegans, flexitarians, and anyone with a sweet tooth for a fruity treat.  

Last year, Ikea launched Food Box, a food truck with a plant-based burger available. The Food Box currently operates weekends only at Ikea Coquitlam.

"Ikea Food will continue to work on developing other plant-based food options to offer customers as part of its vision to create a better everyday life for the many people," explains the retailer, adding: "Ikea wants to inspire a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle by offering delicious food that has a positive impact on people and the planet."

In addition to Coquitlam, Ikea operates another location in Metro Vancouver, in Richmond. The vegan strawberry soft serve costs just $1, and is swirling at the Bistro for take-out.