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Watch: The English Bay Barge is on its final days

It's expected to be gone next week.

It's been nearly a year since the English Bay Barge washed ashore in a mid-November storm, and while it seemed like it might be a permanent fixture for several months, the final sections of hull are being cut up right now.

The big red barge, properly known as SMT-5000, has been cut up over the last several weeks. First giant tin snips were used, like a dinosaur taking chunks out of the wall. Now welders are carefully cutting the hull apart when the ocean allows for it.

While much of the hull is gone, a couple of sections (also known as voids) are still left (though on some livestream videos it appears to be gone). The crew is moving from the ends to the middle.

"We're still working on the midbody, skinning it and removing the upper works, side panels, and ultimately the bottom plate," project manager Ian Purvis says in a video uploaded this week.

The barge was a sturdy vessel and had plenty of internal bracing that needs to be cut apart, he adds.

Work has to be coordinated with the tides, which affects when cutting or other activities can happen. Storms and rough weather will also affect how fast the remaining piece is cut up.

"Deconstruction is nearing completion with the hull of the barge expected to be demolished by the end of next week," says a spokesperson for the project. After the hull is gone site clean-up and equipment removal will follow.

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