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‘No grass, just concrete’: Locals upset over new park in Vancouver

The outdoor space will be built in Mount Pleasant.

A new park has been approved for a Vancouver neighbourhood, but locals don't seem excited with the news. 

In a Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation meeting on Monday (May 29), the Park Board approved a new 1,000 sq m park at the northwest corner of Main Street and 7th Avenue. 

The new outdoor area will consist of three terraced spaces.

The smaller upper terrace is at level with Main Street and 7th Avenue, and cascades down into a larger middle open plaza via a series of seat steps. The middle plaza will serve as a space for community events and can hold up to around 250 people, including room for a small stage. The plaza will also have a canopy structure for shade. The smaller lower terrace will provide a parking space for food trucks.

The three levels are surrounded by planted mounds for some "protection from the hustle and bustle of the adjacent roads," the report notes. There will also be a mixture of 25 trees within these areas to provide tree canopy for park-goers, including a group of large trees stretching from Kingsway and 13th Avenue. 

The park will also feature a large sunning rock, concrete stepping stones, and a rain garden. 

Park construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2024 and complete the following spring, 2025.

'Another concrete park'

Vancouver locals don't seem pleased with the new space.

"Another concrete park. So good for the environment and for cooling neighbourhoods," writes one person sarcastically on Twitter. "No grass, just concrete," chimes in another. 

One local questions the location of the park. 

Despite the dismay, some folks approve of the space design.