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Environment Canada calls for shift in temperatures for January in Metro Vancouver

Will there be more snow, flooding, and extreme weather?
Environment Canada anticipates a warmer January in 2023 for Metro Vancouver.

The past few months saw frigid temperatures and extreme weather across Metro Vancouver.

The region broke multiple cold weather records, had its third-snowiest November, and was one of the coldest places on earth over the past year.

Metro Vancouver is also in its third consecutive La Niña winter, which has resulted in heavy snowfall, slippery ice, and localized flooding

The white winter wonderland that blanketed Vancouver also brought public transit delays, flight and ferry cancellations, and commuter chaos with it. Others, however, managed to find fun in the snow. 

Metro Vancouver weather forecast for January 2023

Though the year kicks off with a chance of flurries, the remainder of January promises warmer weather. 

Environment Canada meteorologist Alyssa Charbonneau tells Vancouver Is Awesome that the first few weeks will see near-seasonal temperatures and drier weather before leading into above-normal precipitation and warmer-than-normal temperatures.

"Not a lot of snow but maybe some more kind of wet and mild weather in the middle part of January," she says. 

Charbonneau notes that she doesn't see a big cold outbreak similar to the Arctic outflow that dropped temperatures down to freezing -11 C.

She also points out that the La Nińa which brought a colder winter to Vancouver may fizzle out. 

"There is a chance of the La Nina transitioning to a neutral phase somewhere between January and March of 2023. We're seeing that effect of blending and [the La Nińa] potentially fade in the new year."

Though she can't say for sure, the forecast for the month indicates a warmer-than-normal January.