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Here are 13 must see winter videos of Vancouver and B.C.

Here is a mix of the beautiful, brave, interesting, cute and peculiar things that people have seen and captured on video so far this winter across the province.
People struggle to push bus up snowy Metro Vancouver hill. Photo: @callmezanne / Twitter
Wintertime in Vancouver and across B.C. can be both magical and chaotic when it snows.

Here is a mix of the beautiful, brave, interesting, cute and peculiar things that people have seen and captured on video so far this winter across the province.

1. Watch these people struggle to push a Metro Vancouver bus up a hill

A number of brave people attempted their commutes to work when a snowstorm hit Vancouver, but it was a bigger struggle for some more than others.

For example, at 9:05 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan.15, @callmezanne tweeted a video of a large group of people struggling to push a bus up a snow-covered hill. She notes how a TransLink bus, "got stuck again," and that the city really doesn't know how to handle snowfall on the roads.

Read the full story HERE.


2. This playful sea otter at the Vancouver Aquarium making snowballs

For the second year in a row, the Vancouver Aquarium has dropped what might be the cutest winter video of the season: an adorable sea otter playing in the fresh snowfall.

Read the full story HERE.


3. Vancouver photographer shares stunning video of snowy Stanley Park Seawall

When it snows in Vancouver, there’s no doubt that everything looks a little more magical.

One spot that is particularly enchanting dusted in snow is the Stanley Park Seawall. Erik Andersen, a Vancouver videographer and photographer, shared a video that showcases just how beautiful the park looks in winter.

Read the full story HERE.



A couple of snowy days in Vancouver gave me a chance to see what the Blackmagic Pocket 6K can do. Music by Luke Atencio. Blackmagic 6K Raw recorded at 3:1 to a Delkin Juggler SSD. EF Lenses used: 14mm 2.8, 24mm 1.4, 50mm 1.2, 85mm 1.8. Timelapses shot on Sony A7s. Graded in Resolve. #davinciresolve #vanparkboard @canada #bmpcc6k @britishcolumbiamagazine @vancouver_canada @blackmagicnewsofficial #moodygrams #viawesome #ExploreCanada #ImagesofCanada #beautifuldestinations #heatercentral #travelawesome #lensbible #veryvancouver #vancouver #dailyhivevan #createcommune #earthpix #exploretocreate #explorebc #dailyviewvancouver #snowphotography #vanparkboard #georgiastraight #curiocityvan

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4. Forget transit: When it snows in Vancouver people ski to work

While many Vancouverites begrudgingly faced the winter snowstorm Jan.15, a few clever locals chose a unique mode of transportation in the city: skis. 

Jada Basi shared an image of someone skiing in Vancouver on Twitter, noting how a bike lane transformed into a "cross-country ski course."

See more videos and read the full story HERE.


5. Here's what happens when you try to play ice hockey on slushy Trout Lake

YouTuber Steven Huynh attempted to make "the ultimate Canadian experience video" by lacing up and playing ice hockey on Trout Lake.

Unfortunately for him, it wasn't meant to be, as the ice isn't even close to being thick enough to skate on. The video below is his second attempt.

Read the full story HERE.


6. This sedan was spotted with a snowmobile on its roof on a B.C. highway

A woman was driving along Highway 97 on New Year's Eve, when she noticed something strange.

Pat Reynolds was travelling north on Highway 97 just south of Vernon when she saw an older sedan go past her, with a snowmobile attached to its roof.

Read the full story HERE.


7. Watch this Vancouver studio create elaborate art in the snow (VIDEO)

Vancouverite Rachel Kirkpatrick made an elaborate snow design outside Beaumont Studio’s Fifth Avenue digs before the snow picked back up during Vancouver's recent snowstorm.

The caption: "When you’re at The Beaumont Studios and you’re supposed to be shovelling the parking lot..."


8. This Vancouver YouTuber complains about winter in East Van and it's awesome

While some people enjoy the magic of a little snow on the streets of Vancouver, this YouTuber went to great lengths to explain why he "hates it."

In this video, Steven Huynh points out the many reasons winter in Vancouver essentially sucks as he takes viewers on a tour from East Vancouver to Downtown during a snow day.

Read the full story HERE.


9. Ice doesn't stop these paddleboarders from heading out on a frozen B.C. lake

Thick ice lined the shore of Okanagan Lake, snow fell steadily from the sky and wind stung faces Jan. 15 in Penticton, B.C. — all of which somehow inspired three young women to get out their paddleboards and hit the water. 

Katie, Tiana and Yannick, all of whom work at the Lakeside Resort, suited up in heavy-duty wetsuits this month to try and tackle the lake. 

Read the full story HERE.


10. Watch this otter slide gleefully across the snow in Stanley Park

An otter was filmed enjoyed a thrilling slide in Vancouver's Stanley Park in January after the city received a fresh dumping of snowfall.

Captured by Ryan Dahle, the first of three videos shows a playful mustelid frolicking and sliding across snowy terrain. In the next video, the critter hops around a bit before sliding around.

Read the full story HERE.


Otterwalk 🦦

A post shared by Ryan Dahle (@ryandahle) on


11. These rare ice discs formed on a B.C. lake

For two years running, sudden cold snaps in Penticton have translated to some very unusual ice formations in the water at the Lakeside Resort marina. 

Ice discs, or ice circles, were spotted in the water Jan. 14 as temperatures dipped and winds picked up.

Read the full story HERE.


12. These videos of Metro Vancouver dogs playing in the snow will make your day

While you may have thought you were excited about Vancouver's first snow day of the year, your enthusiasm probably didn't reach the same heights as these dogs.

Vancouverites took to social media to share videos of their pooches enjoying the snowfall, and they are absolutely hilarious.

Here's one video, but you can see a whole lot more HERE.


Its❄️time means #playtime #snow

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13. A B.C. couple enjoyed their coffee with a moose

On the morning of Jan. 7, Glen and Janis Brown were having their coffee at their Kelowna home when they noticed a local moose outside their window.

Read the full story HERE.