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'Spring-like' weather: Metro Vancouver temperatures to climb to 15 C during rainstorm

Warm and wet weather coming straight from Hawaii.
The Metro Vancouver weather forecast includes an atmospheric river and several storms; temperatures might break records starting on January 26, 2024.

Following the record-breaking cold snap, the seven-day Metro Vancouver weather forecast includes the arrival of "spring-like temperatures."

But the balmy January highs will come with an atmospheric river - and that increases the risk of flooding across the region.

Environment Canada meteorologist Alyssa Charbonneau told V.I.A. that the the daytime highs will soar upwards of double the seasonal averages.

The average daytime high for Metro Vancouver is just shy of 7 C and the low is 0.7 C, according to the department's historical climate data.

Daily highs average around 7 C for this time of year but the high could reach a jaw-dropping 15 C by Monday, Jan.29. Additionally, overnight lows aren't expected to dip below the double digits, sitting between 11 C and C.

Those lows "are close to breaking daily temperature records," she said. 

Along with unseasonable warmth, the region will see significant precipitation starting on Friday, when as much as 30 mm of rain is expected. After this, an additional 60 to 120 mm of rain may fall across the Lower Mainland, increasing the risk of flooding due to elevated freezing levels through mid-next week.

Metro Vancouver weather forecast

V.I.A.'s Downtown Centre Weatherhood station shows a high of 11 C and a low of 8 C for Friday. Saturday is expected to see similar temperatures with as much as 35 mm expected (the precipitation should start falling on Friday night).

Sunday is also expected to see substantial rainfall, with as much as 38 mm expected. Temperatures are also expected to climb to 13 C during the day, while Monday's forecast includes a 15 C high.

Overnight lows are expected to range between 11 C and 12 C during the bout of mild weather.

Other parts of the Lower Mainland are expected to see the anomalous warmth but precipitation amounts will vary dramatically across the region. 

Photo: Weatherhood

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