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Live blog: Federal election results for all of Vancouver's ridings

We bring you the latest information from the ridings of Vancouver East, Vancouver Centre, Vancouver Granville, Vancouver Kingsway, Vancouver South and Vancouver Quadra.
Get the updates for the Vancouver Granville, Vancouver East, Vancouver South, Vancouver Quadra, Vancouver-Kingsway, and Vancouver Centre ridings.

Vancouver Is Awesome will be running a live blog throughout the night as results come in and are available. A reminder that all results are a projection and not a declared result until Elections Canada counts all vote-by-mail packages and ballots cast in advance voting.

The Canadian Press is projecting that the Liberal party will win the most seats in the 2021 federal election, giving them the best chance to form the next government.

It is not yet clear whether Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will win a majority or need the support of at least one other party to remain in power with a minority government.

Here are the election results for all of Vancouver's ridings as of 10:20 p.m.

Vancouver East

Incumbent Jenny Kwan has been reelected with 55.6 per cent of the votes with 212 of 223 polls reporting.

Kwan has held the seat since 2015 and won the lion's share of votes in the 2019 campaign, with 29,236 or 52.6 per cent of the vote. Kyle Demes, the Liberal candidate, came second with 10,085 votes (18.1 per cent). 

Voters have, apart from two brief flirtations with the Liberal party, elected NDP candidates every election since the party was founded back in 1961.

The Vancouver East riding, which includes the Downtown Eastside, Chinatown, Strathcona, and Grandview-Woodland neighbourhoods, is known for its working-class roots.

  • Liberal Party of Canada - Josh Vander Vies —  8,300 votes

  • Conservative Party of Canada - Mauro Francis — 4,743 votes 

  • New Democratic Party of Canada - Jenny Kwan  — 23,273 votes 

  • Libertarian - Gölök Buday — 787 votes 

  • Green Party of Canada - Cheryl Matthew — 3,204 votes 

  • People's Party of Canada - Karin Litzcke — 1,238 votes

  • Communist Party - Natasha Hale — 333 votes 

Read platform information and bios about each of these candidates on our website.

Vancouver Centre

Incumbent Hedy Fry been reelected with 39.9 per cent of the votes and 125 of 228 polls reporting.

For nearly 20 years, Vancouver Centre has been a Liberal stronghold. Hedy Fry is the longest-serving female MP having first been elected in 1993 as part of Jean Chrétien's rise to prime minister. She won in 2019 handily, with 10,000 votes more than second-place Breen Oullette of the NDP (who is running again).

Prior to Fry, the seat has mostly gone to the Liberals, though conservative parties have had held the seat for significant periods of time. 

  • Conservative - Harry Cockell — 6,508 votes 

  • Liberal - Hedy Fry — 11,018 votes

  • NDP - Breen Ouellette — 7,951 votes 

  • Green - Alaric Paivarinta — 1,083 votes

  •  People's Party of Canada - Taylor Singleton-Fookes — 971 votes 

Read platform information and bios about each of these candidates on our website.

Vancouver Granville

With Jody Wilson-Raybould not seeking re-election, Vancouver Granville is a close race tonight. 

The district includes all or major portions of the Marpole, Oakridge, Shaughnessy, South Cambie, Fairview and Riley Park-Little Mountain neighbourhoods. Wilson-Raybould became the first MP for the riding in 2015 as a Liberal; she was re-elected to the post in 2019 as an Independent, but declined to run again in 2021.

  • Conservative - Kailin Che — 8,107 votes

  • Green Party - Imtiaz Popat — 955 votes 

  • Liberal - Taleeb Noormohamed — 10,233 votes

  • New Democratic Party - Anjali Appadurai — 10,413 votes

  • People’s Party - Damian Jewett — 748 votes

Read platform information and bios about each of these candidates on our website.

Vancouver Kingsway

Incumbent Don Davies been reelected with 51.7 per cent of the votes and 143 of 165 polls reporting

NDP MP Don Davies has held it for the last several elections, initially winning in 2008 and turning the area orange. Before that, David Emerson had held the seat for a series of three quick elections; while he ran as a Liberal each time, he crossed the floor to join Stephen Harper's Conservatives after the 2006 election.

While it has some history with Liberal MPs, the region has more often voted in an NDP candidate.

  • Conservative - Carson Binda — 4,260 votes

  • Liberal Party of Canada - Virginia Bremner — 8,652 votes

  • Communist - Kimball Cariou — 140 votes

  • Green Party - Farrukh Chishtie — 1,207 votes

  • NDP - Don Davies — 16,097 votes

  • People's Party of Canada - Jeremy MacKenzie — 714 votes 

  • Marxist-Leninist - Donna Petersen — 57 votes 

Read platform information and bios about each of these candidates on our website.

Vancouver South

Incumbent Harjit Sajjan been reelected with 49 per cent of the votes and 143 of 202 polls reporting.

Saijan has held the seat since 2015. Historically, the riding has been a battleground between the Liberals and the Tories, with Ujjal Dosanjh winning by a margin of a mere 20 votes in 2008. 

The riding includes the neighbourhoods of Fraserview, Champlain Heights, Killarney and South Vancouver.

  • Conservative Party of Canada - Sukhbir Singh Gill — 7,616 votes

  • Liberal Party of Canada (incumbent) - Harjit Sajjan — 16,505 votes 

  • New Democratic Party - Sean McQuillan — 8,326 votes

  • Marxist - Leninist Party of Canada - Anne Jamieson — 249 votes

  • People's Party of Canada - Anthony Cook — 1,001 votes

Read platform information and bios about each of these candidates on our website.

Vancouver Quadra

Incumbent Joyce Murray been reelected with 42.5 per cent of the votes and 110 of 168 polls reporting.

Since electing Prime Minister John Turner in 1984, the riding has consistently sent a Liberal MP to Ottawa. Its borders encompass the university endowment lands, Dunbar, Southlands, most of Kitsilano and parts of Kerrisdale.

  • Conservative - Brad Armstrong — 4,835 votes

  • Green Party - Devyani Singh —  1,226 votes

  • Liberal (incumbent) - Joyce Murray — 7,638 votes

  • People’s Party - Renate Siekmann —  391 votes 

  • New Democratic Party - Naden Abenes — 3,898 votes

Read platform information and bios about each of these candidates on our website.

With files from Jess Balzer, Castanet Staff, Elisia Seeber, Brendan Kergin, Cameron Thomson and the Canadian Press.

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