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Reader Soapbox: Gen Y 'job quitters' are merely true to their selves

Boomers created Gen Y values by raising them in privilege and love

Flood of reports outlines Vision's campaign platform

Every summer break at city hall begins like this. Only in years when there is an election it is worse. You may have noticed the avalanche of reports.

Intelligent invertebrates provide food for thought

Giant octopus breaks shark's back

Letter of the Week

To the editor: Re: "West End residents rally against rezoning," July 22. It is good to hear that director of planning Brent Toderian and city council "need to get advice from the Urban Design Panel.

'Fear-mongering' drives Greenest City criticism

To the editor: Re: "Mayor's wild green plan will cripple city, citizens," July 20.

Lowering speed limit won't stop jaywalkers

A year ago I wrote a column criticizing the citys decision to grant the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users (VANDU) almost $100,000 towards a pedestrian safety plan, which at the time included a proposal to place crossing guards along Hastings Stree

'Greenest City Action Team' doesn't hold water

To the editor: Re: "City hall promises 'green jobs' in environmental plan," July 15." Thank you for alerting us to our newest bureaucracy-the "Greenest City" plan. The pointlessness of its existence is proven by its value "in action.

Media members should clean up their own backyard

To the editor: Re: "Why I didn't quit my job," July 13. It might be better for media types to start looking at their profession and where it has gone with the concentration of ownership.

Chaos proves more titillating than composts

It was Kermit the Frog who first opined: "It's not easy being green." And if you doubt that amphibian's aphorism, just ask Mayor Gregor Robertson. When it comes to his Greenest City strategy he can't get no respect, or as much as he wants to.

Keeps trucks off Clark Drive, we've suffered enough

To the editor: Re: "City eyes increased truck traffic on East Side street," July 15. The residents along Nanaimo Street want Clark Drive route re-opened. Bad Idea.