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letter of the week

To the editor: Re: "Automobiles kill, drain and pollute," July 15. Geoff Olson is delusional if he believes we'd be better off without cars.

Class division scheme spreading across globe

B.C. Ferries CEO makes $1,200,000

Media members should clean up their own backyard

To the editor: Bell Canada was slapped with a $10,000,000 fine a couple of weeks ago and somehow it was not deemed as front page news. Is this not what Kai Nagata speaks to? Gerry Goodine, Toronto, Ont.

Chaos proves more titillating than composts in Vancouver

It was Kermit the Frog who first opined: Its not easy being green. And if you doubt that amphibians aphorism, just ask Mayor Gregor Robertson. When it comes to his Greenest City strategy he cant get no respect, or as much as he wants to.

City council's budget cuts create 'meadow look'

To the editor: Re: "Central Park: Thigh high," July 13. The "meadow look" is just a euphemism for budget cuts at the park board.

Letters of the week

To the editor: Premier Christy Clark and her women colleagues seem content to have the menfolk (i.e., Oppal, the police and Crown) determine what happened and what to do about missing and murdered women.

Old, new and rude chime in on journalism debate

"you should quit your job because you suck" The above is an exact cut-and-paste from one of the emails I received last week in response to the column I wrote about the now infamous Kai Nagata online essay entitled "Why I quit my job.

Letters of the week

To the editor: Each class in society will have its own analytical way to see the world to "justify" their decisions and secure their position in the competition for social dominance.

Letters of the week

To the editor: Re: "Female power brokers betray vulnerable women and girls," July 13. What a breath of pure oxygen reading Mark Hasiuk's profound insight into the hypocrisy of high-powered women.

RANT/RAVE (July 21)

Second place = losers In regard to the person complaining about the hockey jerseys: hey, those people wearing them are just showing support for their second place team.