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Make me King of Canada (or somewhere)

Monarchy is a mysterious, non-democratic institution

Mayor Robertson's wild 'green' plan will cripple Vancouver

City makeover will cost untold millions

'Abstain or die' is not addictions recovery

To the editor: Re: "Home sick," July 8. I am not involved in addiction recovery in any way, but I can recognize shoddy journalism.

Letter of the week

To the editor: Re: "Vandals set fire to steps, school installs deterrent," July 6. Vandalism appears to be a fact of life today in Vancouver.

Harm reduction enables addiction

To the editor: I am the founder and director of an unfunded recovery house in Vancouver and have been in operation for 20 years. I read Mark Hasiuk's story about recovery houses and just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it.

Mayor Robertson's naivete helped cause Cup riot

To the editor: Re: "Mayor doesn't deserve councillor's 'insane' attacks," Letters, July 6. Courier letter writer Kathryn Saniuk protests that "Nobody could have foreseen what happened after the Canucks lost." I disagree.

Instantly accessible culture torpedoes the underground

Corporate 'cool hunters' appropriate trends

Christy Clark Show keeps heads spinning

Welcome to the Christy Clark Show now broadcasting from Victoria. And, if it is a new day, Christy has a new opinion, which may differ from yesterdays opinion. But what the heck, thats the talk show business.

Send health columnist on 'open-ended sabbatical'

To the editor: Re: "Courier health column 'pompous, esoteric, patronizing," July 6. Courier letter writer Graham Rudd is, in my opinion, completely correct in his assessment of the Courier's "health" column.

Health columnist is wise and delightful

To the editor: It is upsetting to find a letter maligning Dr. Davidicus Wong. The derogatory remarks about this wonderful, caring and wise doctor are unwarranted. Such an insightful and inspiring columnist does not deserve to be denigrated.