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All the times Vancouver’s SkyTrain has guest starred in movies, TV shows and music videos

Also, remember when Princess Diana and Prince Charles rode the SkyTrain?

Vancouver has been spotted in numerous movies and TV shows.

Some locations are more popular than others, like this iconic motel, meanwhile some locations are more recognizable than others, like the SkyTrain. 

From popular thrillers to iconic music videos, the transit system has made several appearances. It has also seen other stunts, like a DJ performing a live set (he now hosts some of Vancouver's most innovative music experiences). 

Also, remember that one time Princess Diana and Prince Charles rode the SkyTrain?

But back to the SkyTrain's Hollywood North cameos, these are all the times the transit system made an appearance in movies, TV shows, and music videos.

Of the many Halloween movies filmed in Vancouver, there is a scene in Friday the 13th: Jason Takes Manhattan that takes place on the SkyTrain. 

The SkyTrain can also be seen in the background of an X-Files episode as well as in parts of The Flash (you can spot the Millennium Line SkyTrain as Flash runs along the fence in the show's trailer) and Supergirl.

During a visit to Vancouver by K-Pop girl group TWICE, the singers filmed parts of a music video on a now-iconic SkyTrain. Music videos by Mary LambertSnak The Ripper, and The Knocks also feature the SkyTrain.